Driving under the influence – what you should know?

By on Jan 23, 2016 in DUI, DWI, LAW |

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Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is nearly the most common crime today, since drinking alcohol is allowed and people practice it frequently, it became a big problem for the society today. Drinking alcohol may seem like a good idea when you are going out or celebrating holidays, but if you decide to do it, make sure you leave your car or motorcycle at home. If you are caught driving this way may cost you a lot of money and even time in jail in some countries, and not to mention what you could cause in such situation, not only can you end up in a car accident but your drunk driving can cost someone his or hers life, so don’t be selfish and drive sober.

We all know that driving under the influence is major problem, and yet, as it seems, nobody is thinking about it, people started spreading myths about how to cheat officers when measuring your blood alcohol content. Some of that myths are that drinking coffee after alcohol can make you more sober, cold shower, exercising, or chewing a gum too, only time can make you sober so take your time and wait until you’re good to go.

Of course most of the people get away with driving under influence, and an average of driving drunk without getting caught for a person is eighty times, which is a lot, but don’t be sure you won’t be caught the first time and be careful. Driving drunk is the cause for at least 27 persons deaths a day, only in America, this means that every 50 minutes someone is killed by a drunken driver, don’t be that man.

If you can afford to call a taxi, or if you have a sober friend, leave the driving to him, also if you see a drunk man that is about to drive his car, offer him help with that. And if you are caught in this situation, don’t be fooled by stories, the only way you can get help  more info here  .