5 things you probably didn’t know about Driving while intoxicated

By on Jan 23, 2016 in LAW, DUI, DWI |

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Driving under influence or in other words driving while intoxicated means driving a vehicle, motor powered or not, with presence of certain level of alcohol or drug in the blood system of a driver. This phenomenon is unfortunately common thing nowadays, since drinking alcohol is socially acceptable and due to all the myths about how to cheat alcohol detecting test this  helpful site  .

1. Some of that myths are surely the ones that showering or exercise before driving can reduce amount of alcohol in your blood system. These opinions are called myths with reason, none of this is true, not exercising nor showering or chewing a gum won’t help you cheat that alcohol test. Only time can make you sober so take your time and wait until you are capable of driving.

2. No tolerance policy is one of the policies that countries use to tighten penalties in purpose of combating this criminal offense. No tolerance policy implies that every person that is capable of driving and younger than 21 year isn’t allowed to have any alcohol in their blood system.
Penalties for this offense can be very rigorous, other than large fines, drivers can get their driver licenses revoked or even end up in jail.

3. Alcohol related traffic accidents that resulted with death were the most numerous in the 1980s, since then number of this accidents cut in half, probably due to the new laws and regulations.

4. Nearly twenty percent of deaths of children younger than 14 is caused by driving under influence. Death of every third teenager in traffic accidents is caused by a drunken driver.

5. Children and teenagers who are involved with alcohol in their early ages, are 7 times more likely to participate in one ‘driving under influence’ accident.

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